Britwell Salome from Tithe Map of 1843
(Source: "The two Britwells: A Story Of A Village" by Biddy O'Sullivan (1969); page 57 and 58)


20, 19 Abraham ALEXANDER Isaac ALEXANDER Cottage & garden "Hedgeen"
73 Richard NEWTON Himself Lower Farm Homestead No longer standing
House now in Hants
67, 69 John STOPES Sr Himself Homestead & paddock Red Lion Farm
17 Wm. Godfrey SPYER Chas. KEMBLE Cottage & garden "The Stocks"
16 Richard NEWTON Wm. LOYD & Anr. Cottage & gardens Thatched Cottage in Hedgeen Lane
15 W. Lowndes STONE Jas. JORDAN Cottage & garden No longer standing
14 Samuel LEWIS Henry STEVENS Garden  
12 Samuel LEWIS Henry STEVENS House etc.  
19 Joh STEVENS Thos. MONEY Cottage & garden No longer standing
21 Wm. HUTTON WHITE & Anr. Cottage & gardens No longer standing
28 PEEL & Co. Wm. RALPH Public House & premises Red Lion
29, 30 Ewd. Horne HULTON Jas. HUTTON Orchard, house, garden, homestead "The Old Farmhouse"
33 J.N. SHELLEY HALL Cottage & garden "Flints"
34 Rev. ROWDEN Ab. ALEXANDER Yards & bldgs. Old Queen's Orchard
35 Wm. GOODWIN, Devisee of Jas. LOVELOCK Orchards & lands in exchange Old Queen's Orchard
36 Wm. GOODWIN, Devisee of Richard COBB & others Tenements & gardens "The Old Queen"
61 Jas. ORPWOOD Daniel BROWN Orchard & premises "KERRY VOR"
60 Richard NEWTON Thos. SHEPHERD & another Cottages & gardens No longer standing
Old blacksmith's shop
62 John STEVENS, assignee of Joseph STEVENS Cottage & garden "Canary Cottage"
59 John STEVENS, assignee of Himself Foundry No longer standing
Left side Henley Rd opp. Bartlett's
37 John STOPES Sr Aylmer STOPES & others Cottages & gardens No longer standing
Was "Sun Cottage"
38 John STEVENS, assignee of Himself House & premises "Elm Tree Cottage"
(the original)
68 Adam STRANGE Thos. LOYD Cottage & garden The Plough
40 Mrs BADCOCK Peter EYRE House, Garden & Prem. "Chiltern Cottage"
41 Wm. HUTTON Herridge & others Cottages & gardens Old Chapel & Thatched Cottage
42 John THORNBER Richard LOYD & others Cottage & garden
(the Leys)
"Broadlands Cottage"
51 Mary Elizabeth BIRKHEAD Adam STRANGE House & garden "Bartletts"
52 Mary Elizabeth BIRKHEAD Adam STRANGE Yards & farm bldgs Part of Bartletts
49 J.N. SHELLEY & Sam. HUTTON Samuel HUTTON House, Shop & Premises "Orchard Close"
45 Wm. GOODWIN, devisee of Jas. LOVELOCK House, garden & homestead "Home Farm"